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6 Steps to Motivate your Marriage

Episode Summary

It's my first guest! Please give a warm welcome to the one and only Kinita Schripsema! Kinta's here to give us some advice on marriage, and I'm so grateful that she agreed to join me! She gave some amazing compacted advice that you can start implementing today. Here's her bio! Kinita was born in India and has lived cross-culturally since the age of 5 between Canada and the U.S.A. She is college-educated and was a licensed professional stylist for 22 years while she owned a hair salon for 14 of those years here in the USA. Although Kinita has held many volunteer positions in a variety of organizations, her treasured professional accomplishments are that of being a published author, international speaker, cultural consultant and now Founder/CEO of Seema Global Consulting LLC. She has extensive experience both here and overseas in Leadership and Team Development and Cultural Education. Kinita currently resides in Kentwood, Michigan with her husband Ken, of 25+ years where they have raised their 4 children together. website: and if you want to check out her book, it's available on Amazon! "I Am Hagar: Forgotten No More "