The Amy Williams Show

Financially Triggered

Episode Summary

The featured guest for this episode is Janelle Lara, former Teacher, Wife, Mom, and Partime CEO. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to build a multi 6 figure income while working part time! We discuss an array of topics including: Wealth, government assistance, mindset, coaching business, leveling up, friendships, sacrifice, investing in yourself, and faith. "The path to success is exponentially shorter when you can follow someone that’s already paved the way. Would you pave a new road when the highway is RIGHT there?" In regards to investing in yourself, you can invest 2 different ways, invest your time or invest your money. Which will give you a return of investment faster? Janelle has a great attitude, easy to listen to, and shares some amazing tips and advice! Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did! You can connect with Janelle more by any of these options: Website: Facebook Group: Instagram: The Part-Time CEO Podcast: