The Amy Williams Show

Goodbye Overwhelm

Episode Summary

Today's episode has featured guest Keris Timol; a Maternal Wellness Coach, Based in Houston Texas. She lives with her husband and her two children (3 years old and 10 months) Through the practice of yoga and meditation, Keris guides her students to living healthier and happier lives. Keris gives a few great tips for moms handling ALL THE THINGS during this time. She talks about the difference in prayer and meditation and how her whole journey in finding Yoga 10 years ago was from grieving the death of her sister and trying to find peace. We talked about the difference in Prayer and meditation. She also gives some tips and advice for new instructors or those looking at starting their Yoga Business. Connect with Keris and get more information about her 8 week course by finding her here: Facebook group: Yoga for Overwhelmed Moms Instagram: