The Amy Williams Show

Grief, Grace, and Christmas

Episode Summary

Im not crying, you are! just kidding, I totally cried....and now I realize my podcast room needs a tissue box! This episode was not planned to come out, but I really felt God tugging on my heart to share this message. In my life I've had my fair share of Grief. So, here it is! I hope this episode helps you if you are grieving over this holiday season, whether it's a 1st or 13th Christmas without a loved one, know that grace is given to you. Grace might be something you need to give to yourself or a loved one, too. If you are in a space that you are able to help someone who may be grieving I give a few "do's" and "dont's" in how to be there for them. Hope you enjoy this episode and through my tears you hear my heart and get past the sniffles ;) Merry Christmas friends and family, I pray that somewhere, even if only for a moment, you can find joy!