The Amy Williams Show

Intimacy and Sex in your Relationship

Episode Summary

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2020 by putting your relationship in the FRONT seat. In this episode we welcome Dr. Chavonne Perotte as our special guest! She runs her website over at and gave us some INCREDIBLE wisdom! Does sex have an important role in your relationship? Have you been taught that "sex is bad until marriage"? Have you disagreed with your spouse on the amount of sex you should be having? Have you put intimacy as a priority? Scheduled your relationship in your busy appointment book? Y'all, if you answered "yes" to any of these, than this one is just for you! Sex can be a taboo subject to talk about in the Christian community, but God intended it to be GOOD, so lets make it that way! Hope you enjoy the conversation! You can find Dr. Chavonne in these spaces (sign up for her free 5 day prayer challenge!) on her podcast: "Love your spouse Again" her website: