The Amy Williams Show

Is Love Enough?

Episode Summary

The featured guest today is Melissa Corkum! As a mom of 6 kids, (2 biological and 4 adopted) she talks about their adoption journey, experiences, and how they are helping others through the process! We covered a lot of emotional processes, the science behind it, blocked care, and what it's like parenting differently abled children. Melissa is open, honest, and transparent of her struggles of finding help and care when they needed it most. Through her experiences came a podcast with her friend Lisa called "The Adoption Connection". They also have a facebook group for fellow adoptive and foster parents that is geared for anyone looking for support or needing help. Melissa also is a parenting coach and is offering a Free Compassion Challenge and a free Parent Success Plan on her website: You can find their Podcast: The Adoption Connection on all major podcast apps Follow the podcast on Instagram: @theadoptionconnection Follow Melissa on Instagram: @corkboardonline