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Jambo Books

Episode Summary

Today's episode is the start of honoring Black History Month by celebrating black future! Mijah Godfrey is our special guest and I'm honored to introduce you all to her, and her company Jambo Books! We learn a little bit more about Mijah and her story and what she stands for. Mijha Godfrey, is a former affordable housing developer, lawyer and founder of Jambo Books. Jambo, which means both “hello” and “welcome” in Swahili, is a book subscription service for children aged 0 – 13 where all the books feature lead characters who are children of color. The stories in Jambo books do not contain the tired, stereotypical portrayals we too often find about children of color in literature. They focus instead on the beauty of childhood; the joys of friendship and family; the thrill of new adventures; the wonderful tapestry that is the life of a child of color. You can follow Jambo books on social: Facebook and Instagram @jambobooks or check out their website: