The Amy Williams Show

Opportunity for Gratitude

Episode Summary

This episode is a quarantine check in with repeat featured guest Julian Newman! He was our featured guest for the 4 part mini-series "Dear White People". He is also the founder and CEO of Culture Creative. A consultancy company for diversity and inclusion training! We talk about what he's been up to and what he is doing during the "stay at home order" in place in Michigan these days. Not only does he tell us what he's been up to but he gives some GREAT advice on what we all can be doing to improve during this time. From reading 1 book a week, scheduling time to rest and reflect, but he also talks about the changes happening in his professional public speaking career. We talk about a few of the books he's reading and how our internal dialogue really shapes the reality in which we exist, what are you telling yourself right now? What is your personal narrative? Are you taking advantage of the dip? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. With all the things that are absent in your life right now, what are you going to appreciate more when life "returns to normal"? You can find Julian Newman on Instagram: @julian_s_newman_ or check out his website: