The Amy Williams Show

Parenting Through A Pandemic

Episode Summary

This episodes featured guest is Rachel Bailey, she is a Parenting Specialist who has been serving families for over a decade! Now more than ever we need some parenting advice, so we talked about how to parent well while you're exhausted, and parenting through a pandemic. We talk about parenting in the moment vs proactive parenting, the pressure and expectations we put on ourselves, how to set boundaries for your children, and dealing with the guilt to get to the freedom away from resentment. Then we talked about how to use your resentment as your GPS so that you can enjoy your kids more. She gives practical, actionable, easy steps to help reduce your anxiety and stop being sucked into the fear. Share this one with your mom friends who may be struggling with all the hats they are wearing during this hard time! Find Rachel on her Podcast: Your Parenting Long Game Check out her website! Follow her on the socials! You can also check out her YouTube channel!