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Tunji Olujimi joined the show for this episode! Tunji was born premature and weighed 1 pound with no hope of living. He's the Author of 4 published books, a pastor, a Speaker, Book Author Coach, and worship leader. He is the founder and CEO of the Accelerated Authors Academy. After publishing his first book after his mom passed away he went on to publish 3 more! We talk about what he calls his "6 p's" in writing your book! The importance in creating the system around your book and not just publish and forget it. In his coaching program he teaches the 90 day plan from idea to creation. I learned so much on this one, hope you do, too! "God has put so much in us, we need to come out of that comfort zone!" -Tunji Olujimi If you're interested in learning more from Tunji, or becoming an Author go check out his FREE 5 day challenge starting May 18th! This episode is brought to you by Twice The Charm, follow on Instagram: @_twicethecharm