The Amy Williams Show

Power of the Pivot

Episode Summary

We've almost all seen that one episode of Friends where Ross is moving and yells "pivot, pivot, pivoootttt" at Chandler. Well today's episode we talk about the Power of the Pivot in your professional and business life. The featured guest is Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey. Clarissa talks about the many professional pivots and changes she has made through her career. We discuss the benefits of imperfect action, progress over perfection, work/life balance, prayer and meditations, and boundaries. What's ONE risk you can take today to start your pivot? What is is costing you to NOT make that change? Lately with everything going on there seems to be a LOT of pivots whether we've asked for them or not, I SOO hope you enjoy this episode and get inspired that it's never too late to PIVOT! Clarissa's course that she talks about: The Work From Home Essentials bundle. And the free facebook group: Work From Home Survive & Thrive Tribe