The Amy Williams Show

Purpose In The Small Things

Episode Summary

Talking about living out your purpose is such a big topic to cover. There are tons of resources, books and seminars that you can attend that talk about living in your purpose. In this episode I give a few examples of living out of your purpose and stepping in and living IN your purpose. Sometimes your purpose is in the normal, small, mundane things that make a HUGE impact. Sometimes your purpose can be more visible to the outside world like a mission trip (or 3 in my case). Either way, God has a plan and a purpose for you even in the small things. You were called to live big, do big things, you were made for more! Are you living in your purpose? What small step can you do to get towards being in your purpose? This might be a hard season for you, in whatever you are going through, but even in the hard stuff God's got a plan. Trust him :)