The Amy Williams Show

Reconnecting The Dots; a trans-racial adoption story

Episode Summary

I had the privilege of having an in house guest this week! Tiana Hawver got to be in studio and we couldn't stop chatting. I hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as we enjoyed the conversation. Tiana shares her story of creating a documentary to showcase her adoption story and reconnecting the dots to her biological family. There are so many topics inside this episode it's hard for me to summarize! She describes her experience as part of a trans-racial adoptee and gives advice to those parents who have adopted trans-racially as well. Being adopted in the 70's came with some racial tension, family divide, and so much more. As she re-connects with her biological family the emotions are across the board and it shows (rightfully so). I am so proud of Tiana for being open and honest about her experience and for creating a documentary! You can really hear a message of hope and promise of praising God through the storm in her story. To help support her in the documentary check out this link! : You can connect with Tiana on Instagram here: vitamint71