The Amy Williams Show


Episode Summary

The Amy Williams Show Trailer! Welcome, welcome, welcome, so glad you've joined! This one is a short glimpse explaining what the show is about!

Episode Notes

Welcome to The Amy Williams Show!
This is the trailer!!! I'm so excited! Alright, so there is so much work, preparation to be done behind the scenes befrore we can even get to where we are at right now and I hope you are excited becasue I AM!
So, I'm going to give you a quick snipit of me and let you know what the TAWS is about so you can judge if you want to listen to episode 1 or beyond. :)
I am 34, I'm a wife, a mom of 3 beautiful bi-racial babies who are my world. I've been married for 7 years, we've been together for 8. We live in a great neighborhood and we are surrounded by amazing family and friends. It hasn't always been that way. We have moved a lot to get to where we are and we have been through a lot.
So, know life isn't always easy, relationships aren't easy. Navigating the what, the where, the how, what am I supposed to be doing, what is my value, what is my calling, what is my purpose, what am I supposed to be doing? So, here on TAWS we are going to go through that, we're going to figure out how do we keep moving forward, how do we press on, how do we find our purpose, how do we know we are doing the right thing and being there for our community. We are all about lifting you up, motivating and encouraging you to do your best, live your best life, and have positive successful relationships.
Alright, so I got some AMAZING guests lined up. You guys, I'm so excited about it! They're going to help me cover the hard topics. So like as much as I have been through and as much experience that I've been through/gone through to get to 34, there's stuff that I have no knowledge or experience in so i've got really good guests that are going to come on and we're going to talk about all the things. ALLLL the things.
We're going to be diving into marriage, relationships, friendships, cultural differences, diversity, corporate america, entrepenuers, some great entrepenuers lined up, a few authors and we are just getting started so I'm excited to see where God takes this and where we are headed! So that you know I'm doing what I feel like I'm called to do so hopefully we'll see Episode 1 soon! So hey! there you go!