The Amy Williams Show

What Do Your Products Score?

Episode Summary

Episode 30's featured guest is a friend of mine from High School! We did a little reminiscing to kick off the episode by talking about our "bball skills". She's now a wife, Mom of 2, Radiology Technologist, and Retail Consultant for Beauty Counter. Mary talks about how her infertility journey brought her into research mode of the dangers of ingredients in her beauty products. We talk about the differences in USA standards and European standards with what ingredients are allowed or banned and it’s a staggering statistic! She gives a ton of solid advice on how you can check the score of your products and how to start transitioning your products to healthier options without having to break the bank! The app that Mary recommends using to go through and check your lotions, perfumes, makeup, and hair products is EWG Skin Deep (for apple) or Healthy Living (for android) . Find out what your products score, if you’re using them on you or on your children! Follow Mary for more information on Beauty Counter on Instagram: @Beautycounter_MaryBoyk or Facebook: Beautycounter with Mary Boyk and you can check out her website as well! TEXT: BETTERBEAUTY to 52886 to let your congress know that you want better beauty!